Monday, March 8, 2010

To my Firstborn (and all my future children)

You're a little bean inside me
You can't yet see or hear
I'm only five weeks pregnant-
You haven't eyes or ears
But you're still my little angel
My blessing sent from God
You're my sweet little baby
For now, I'm all you've got.

As you grow, on through the years
My hopes and fears will collide
You'll make me want to scream-
But even then, I'll be your guide.

I know I can't be everywhere,
But I'll always be here
I know I can't be everything
But I'll always hold you dear
Now, you won't tell me everything
But I'll be a listening ear
And if you scream, afraid at night-
I'll try to calm your fears.

Yes, I'm a youngish mommy
And I may not know much
But I have the sense to know
I'm longing for your touch.
I'll count your little fingers and
I'll count your little toes.
I'll see your widened eyes and
I'll touch your little nose.
I'll shower you with kisses
'Till you're hungry, then
I'll feed you 'till you're full
And kiss you yet again!

You're my little baby now,
Asleep inside my womb
All comfy-like and cozy-
We'll meet somewhat soon.

Your daddy loves you too, sweetheart
He's grinnin' ear to ear-
Every time I call him "Daddy",
His face lights up with cheer.
We know we can't be everywhere,
But we'll always be here
We know we can't be everything
But we'll always hold you dear
Now, you won't tell us everything,
But we'll be a listening ear
And if you scream, afraid at night,
We will calm your fears.

You oughta know I love you
And daddy loves you, too-
But there's a debt that we all owe,
That we can't pay for you.
All the love we have for you
Could never be enough
To straighten out the crookedness
And smoothen out the rough-

God knew this, and so He sent
HIS one and only son-
The son he showered with kisses
When he made love so fun-
To come to earth, to pay the price
Sad price he had to pay
Everything was cold and lonely
For three long, sorry days
'Till on the third- the sun was shining!
The Son was shining, too-
'Cause he finally paid the debt
For daddy, me and you!

He gave us all a promise-
And those he never breaks-
That if you only call on Him,
He'll do whatever it takes.
He'll bring you flowers in the spring
And kisses from loved ones
He'll make your heart so full it sings
And never do you wrong.

Daddy and I can only love
'Cause Jesus showed us how
We can only do so much
In worship, we do bow-

We know we can't be everywhere,
But God is always here
We know we can't be everything,
So hold your Everything dear
Now, you won't tell us everything,
But Jesus is all-ears-
And if you cry, afraid of life,
He'll wipe away your tears.

-Jenn W.
Written 1/13/08

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