Monday, March 8, 2010

About God, but Odd

Buried underneath all that I hold dear

There's a truth that's still so clear

Though letting it go is my great fear

--> -->

My brain's a mule without a fence

I float by ladies, dames and gents

Not one bothers to venture hence

--> -->

I give in to the will of forever

No matter how far under the weather

Knowing there's no such word as never

--> -->

As they all say, I continue to dream on

Through the vast wasteland and the steel dawn

The endless expanse, close with a yawn

--> -->

The marrow and veins of love had all leaked out

While mockers and fools led with a shout

Not one understood what it was about

--> -->

"My father's business" a voice is heard

The curtain is torn, social lines blurred

Sound of silence, no, not a word

--> -->

Here comes the night, it's what we expected

And we can't think we'll all be protected

It leaves every last one here dejected

--> -->

Some write iambic, some write prose

Yet three days later, there she goes

To the dead place, drowned in her woes

--> -->

Covered with undying gloom

To prepare her broken Savior whom

Was perfect since conceived in womb

--> -->

Finding herself at quite a loss

Her eyes with a small faint gloss

Feeling as if covered in dross

--> -->

'Twas her destiny to find

A man with sides and back all lined

For he bore the sins of all mankind

--> -->

The woman had gone down to weep

The soldiers must have fallen asleep

But death could not our Savior keep!

--> -->

The world is amassed and overgrown with haters

To me, myself, and I, selfish people cater

But as for the rest of us, call us waiters

--> -->
'Cause we know to wait until he comes back

The Lord, concerning his promise, not slack

His blessings we will never lack

--> -->

If we remember, and we bring

Our laughs and joy, and songs to sing

The gated pearls will always ring

--> -->

From now on to eternity

Outward and internally

Not void or infernally

His grace is life- eternally.

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