Monday, March 8, 2010

About healing and dear little old ladies. :)

sweeps in from your prescence

you are still here
you still care

the ones who died for your cause did not die in vain
the sweat and tears they shed have persevered

do not say that miracles were for the early church, and not today;
i have seen visible proof

my tia angie, who was bound to a wheelchair; a walker, at best
got up and praised the Lord last night

not only did she stand; she danced before her Father
with tear-filled eyes and words of gratitude

it was not her time to sit;
it was her time to be used by the Lord.

many people say many things about christians...
many christians give Jesus a bad name;
but tia angie, with a heart full of love for others,
and a heart full of love for God,
danced with her Daddy last night.

5:41 PM

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