Monday, March 8, 2010

My thoughts on abortion

Friday, August 31, 2007

Take a look outside any abortion clinic. What do you see? You see picketers protesting the death of unborn babies, usually with nauseatingly vivid pictures of unborn fetuses that have met their untimely demise. These people are passionately against any human death, regardless of the age of the infant. The truth is that we all know that child is alive in the womb. From the moment of conception, that baby is growing and waiting for a chance to see the light of day.

Many pro-choice activists bring up some very hard-to-answer questions on what can go wrong with a pregnancy. They bring up such questions as, "What if the woman was raped?" "What if the child is deformed?" and, "What if the mother is too young to care for a baby?"

I personally have an answer to each of these questions, and my own set of possible solutions for each problem.

If a woman was raped, as difficult as it would sound to most, I believe that the woman should not penalize the product of rape for the fault that belongs only to the rapist. Therefore, if it is possible by any means, I think the woman should carry the child until birth, at which time she could put the child up for adoption. I have several reasons for this. First, no matter how young, a life is a life. To abort a baby is to extinguish a life. There are several cases of mothers that have aborted babies and dealt with horrendous guilt. There are also cases of mothers that have gone through abortions and suffered severe damage to their uterus and other vital reproductive organs. This can cause health problems that haunt those mothers for the rest of their lives. Finally, I say that the mother should put the child up for adoption because there are many couples that are trying to have children and are unable to. These parents would love a chance to care for a child, but as it is, there aren't enough children to accommodate the many parents vying for a child. However, there ARE almost the same amounts of people getting abortions as those who desire children and are unable to do so. It would be such a wonderful thing for a woman to see beyond her pain and do what's best for her unborn child!

A deformed child. That leaves a bad taste in most peoples' mouths. Yet I say a life is worth a CHANCE at life. There are many children, teens, and adults that have passed through my life and made an astounding impact on me that some would consider "damaged" or "deformed". The idea that a baby with a defect should be thrown out in an attempt to get a more perfect baby sounds uncomfortably like "Survival of the Fittest". If we condone the abortion of unborn, malformed babies, are we not advocating an infant holocaust? What difference is there between Hitler's obsession with the perfect and ours?

If a teen mother is unable to care for her child, I defer again to my position on putting the child up for adoption. I won't waste your time by restating what I already said on this subject, so I'll move onto a subtopic of abortion: contraception. I personally don't think anyone should engage in sexual acts unless they are fully ready for the possibility of bringing a new life into this world; however, since that idea is both unreasonable and unhelpful considering the condition of living we're accustomed to, it's best for people engaging in sexual acts to use the proper protection. By this I mean condoms for men, and even birth control for women. This does not, in my opinion, constitute as "killing" a child, because a condom prevents the egg from ever being fertilized, and the birth control is doses of estrogen that fool a woman's body into thinking she is pregnant, thereby inhibiting the possibility of pregnancy. I consider both methods acceptable ways to avoid ever having to grapple with the ethics of abortion.

There are ways to avoid dangerous and disastrous situations, we just need to look harder to find them. A baby is a life that should never have to be penalized for his or her parents' bad decisions. Pregnancy can be avoided as easily as drinking and driving. If we are wise enough to think before we drink and drive, we should be wary enough to make better choices about our personal lives.

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