Saturday, August 25, 2012

Peeta, Sam, Indiana Jones...

My husband thinks I'm hilarious and crazy, because I get crushes. Not ACTUAL crushes, mind you... not celebrity crushes. Instead, I get character crushes. I insist upon telling him the difference, too.

I could care less about Harrelson Ford, but I like Indiana Jones' boyish charm and naivete, especially where female attraction is concerned. At times, he's totally oblivious to the fact that girls like him... and I like that about Indy. He's not full of himself, and just as an eight year old would, he gets kinda annoyed by all the attention he gets.

Peeta and Sam may as well be the same person, just in different settings. Peeta Mellark, though he knew he would be fighting to the death (and ultimately killed by the only girl he ever cared for), made every choice with her in mind. While I read the Hunger Games, I adopted Katniss' cluelessness, and had no idea why he would join the Careers... but by the time you finish all three books, you realize just how much he cared for her and was looking out for her. Even the Capitol's brainwashing didn't last long... (although it was VERY startling to discover how deeply they'd affected him). Sam did the same sort of thing, but of course the dynamics of the relationship were different since Frodo was a friend and not a romantic interest. But still, when watching LOTR I couldn't help but think, "Ahh... real men are like Sam." Even now, I think of his, "I can carry you!" proclamation as he lifted his too-weak friend and took him where he needed to be. At the end, where he marries the girl of his dreams, you can't help but think, "Now there's a girl who doesn't need to worry about ANYTHING." haha. You know he's willing to go to the end of the world and back for her.

 I have a few friends (also girls) who I've spoken to about this as well. Apparently character crushes aren't all that weird. It's almost like we make a mental checklist in our heads: "He will risk his life for me... he will carry me when I'm at my weakest... but he'll also be boyish and silly." The cool thing about my list is that when I got to experience all of those movies, I already had my Checklist sitting right next to me. I married him. Actually, my Checklist is the person who insisted that I needed to watch LOTR and Indiana Jones.

I tried to explain it to him... that the reason I love those characters is because they all remind me so much of him... and that it reminds me of specific memories in our own love story. I saw his Indiana Jones-boyishness when he first asked me out... this man who was always so cool was suddenly giggling and playing with his steering wheel and averting his eyes from me as he told me his true feelings. I saw Sam when he continually stayed up late at night and held me while I wept over my best friend's death (she'd died on our honeymoon, and it took me quite a while to grieve her). I saw Peeta when he stayed in a difficult situation yet allowed me a way out of mine, although it made life more difficult and stressful for him. I also saw Peeta in that, despite my cruelty to him in the year before we started dating, he still forgave me and loved me. He gave me a second chance, and he's given me countless chances since.

He's not perfect by any means... sometimes he drives me crazy. As I write this, he's belching and playing video games with his brother... I can't help but laugh. :) No, he's not perfect... but he's never held my imperfection against me, and he is so beautiful and loving that it's impossible for me not to love him back. He is a real life Peeta, Sam, and Indiana Jones... he is Cam, the culmination of the best things God has to offer me. I am blessed to be his wife.