Wednesday, June 19, 2013

To my female friends

To my female friends: I think a lot of us (if not ALL of us) struggle with body image issues. 

Even if it weren't just body image, we sometimes believe we're not smart enough, good enough, talented enough. 

I just wanted to let you know that is a LIE. You may not see your true beauty, but God does, and your friends do. 

I know it might be hard to accept because you've heard the opposite so long (whether from the media, mean people, or yourself) but you are LOVELY.

I look through my friends list and I realize that I am surrounded by stunning women and young ladies. 

You are talented. I have had the honor of discovering your talents as I have gotten to know you. 

You are intelligent. You don't have to have perfect grammar or be a scientist to be considered smart and capable. 

There are many things I admire in you... so even if you don't believe it for now, just trust the judgment of your Lord and your friends and dare to believe that you are who He says you are.

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