Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adventure Acrostics

Soo... I started doing this new thing I call "Adventure Acrostics". I take someone's name, and I make a story out of it. I've written a few so far (one for my friend Aimee, one for my sister...) and they are SO MUCH FUN! My sister had recently asked my talented anime artist niece to do a commission of herself and her boyfriend as Poison Ivy and Batman... so hers is batman-themed. She liked it a lot. I'm thinking of doing more... for Fiverr, maybe. I'm a little hesitant because I don't know how much to say I'm willing to do (how many letters is my limit? How much gimp-ing should I do?), but I think it'd be fun, if I could pull it off. I was going to do a sample on Fiverr (using fiverr as the acrostic) but I don't know how to personalize it. Hmm.

What do you guys think? I would TOTALLY put my sister's on here, but it has her full name and I'm not sure she'd like that. I guess I could do a blogspot version... I'm gonna give it a Walking Dead theme, since I'm in that kinda mood right now. Gonna try to go off Season One so I don't spoil it too much for anyone. :)

 Battered and bruised, Rick kept thinking about the bicycle girl zombie he'd seen in the park.
"Lori, Carl... where are you???" he wondered aloud.
 Only silence.
 Groans soon replaced the quiet, and he knew it was time to move again.
"Shoot!" he said to himself, as a hoard came his way.
 Pulling out his gun, he shot several of them, but the noise of the shots alerted more.
"Out of ammunition," he moaned, frustrated and worried.
 There was only one strategy left for Rick Grimes: use blunt force on them and hope for a miracle.

Hey... I should find a picture to go with this. Maybe I will... and post it later. :)

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