Thursday, February 17, 2011

Haunted by my Ex

You stalked me in a dream last night,
The way you used to do
With arms around me, held me tight
And tried seduction too.

You spoke to me of marriage,
A romantic rendezvous
You lived and died, for all those years
Yet steadfast: your worldview.

But things had changed, and I had changed
I belong to Cam, not you
I told you that my heart's not yours,
So you threw me across the room.

I knew that this must be my time,
So, running on my feet,
I knew I had to get away
Or you'd come after me.

I heard you say, “Come back, come back!”
It was a feeble plea.
But desperation turned to anger
As violent as the sea.

I frantically tried to open the locks
I took them two at a time
I opened the front door, forgetting about
The security door behind.

With you almost upon me now,
I whispered a silent prayer:
“God, help me!” and so He did
As I ran into the open air.

I kept on running, as you screamed,
“COME TO BED!” with an unearthly roar
But then I woke from this nightmare of you
And life was just perfect as before.

I have been blessed with my wonderful man,
And beside me, our daughter soundly slept.
I have another child waiting inside me -
From a nightmare, to a dream, I was swept.

6:34 AM 2/1/11 JW

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