Monday, March 8, 2010

Wasted Energy (It's a blessing... and a curse)

Wasted Energy

I spend my life calling out to others,

Hoping they'll hear the song of my soul

I spend my time, crying out to others,

No one hears, they have no ears to

I'm writing poems about my mistakes,

Grateful for my successes

Yet it doesn't matter in the least bit

To the apathetic masses.

Will someone hear? Will someone

Will someone take this vapor of my

Does anyone care what I have to say,

Or are you all dying for me to give it
a rest?

I take my time, writing love to

Waiting for a polite reply

I take my hands, typing out their

No one cares, they have no heart to
hear me.

The poetry is all destroyed,

this body shakes at the thought.

My body will soon be destroyed,

All this fervent passion for naught.

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