Monday, March 8, 2010

To the Ladies, in love

To the ladies in love...

This is not to all of you... but this is to some of you. Feel free to message me about this.

I'm tired of these lies and this sugared coating
Sick of these desperate girls and the pretend world they live in
I scream out truth to them, but their ears are deaf
They hear nothing but what they want to hear.

I'm done with this useless, vain repetition
Disheartened by the lack of sincerity
Disgusted with the guys that tote them around like prizes,
while, like idiots, girls chase after their baited hooks.

Put muscles on an obstinate, pig-headed boy, and to them, he's golden;
Place a smile just right, enveloping white teeth, and you have them-
Take the hormones that rage and disguise it in loving concern,
Leave out God and advice from people who really DO care, and they're done.

Wasted girls, used-up girls, this world is full of them
Why do you feel like you have to be one of them?
Your eyes are blind to what's so obvious to the wiser
Yet you assume that we're crones and just bitter.

If you would let me, I could open your eyes, for the evidence is all around you:
"I love you," he says, but "Bros before Hoes"... his profile pic is not of you, but of his own body. Can't you see that he's infatuated with himself? How can he love you when he's only concerned with himself?

You're a walking contradiction, and I hear it in your words:
"He's the best of the bunch", but then you change your mind
Boys who use words like they use don't care about you, your spirit, or your mind
They're after your body, dear- I know their kind.

How would you feel if a complete nerd called you those words?
Or a stranger that you didn't know? You'd react differently? You know you would!
So why do you put up with it from him? 'Cause he's pretty, huh?
Do you honestly think he's gonna hold you when the world turns its back? You think he's gonna let you cry in his arms one day and expect NOTHING in return?

You're tearing us up... because WE'RE the ones that truly care-
When you were growing up, WE were the ones there-
We tried to hold you, to show you real love, but you were distracted.
You're taking the love we and God have for you for granted.

You're on a road that has no easy end- once you pass "Go," it's hard to get back
We're warning you now, so you don't follow that path
But our pleas fall on deaf ears, and our hearts are broken-
Over and over, you're killing us...

But you don't care... because he says, "I love you..."

Jenn 1/7/08 9:21 PM

Ezekiel 16

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