Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Post-Christmas Bummer

Now there's nothing to look forward to, all gifts have been unwrapped
Now I notice with greater distress the tight'ning of my pants
Now the family's gone, no sounds of delightful laughter I hear
It seems there's nothing left to do but shed a bittersweet tear

Come back, oh Christmas... come just one more day
More love to spread and more kind words to say
Bring a smidgen more of that Christmas cheer
Just a bit more at the end of the year.

The lights and gifts and songs so distracting
All life was on hold; now it's reacting
The squeaky wheels silenced by "Silent Night"
Are again looking to be quite a fright.

If ev'ry day were Christmas, what a joy it'd be
And ev'ry day a vacation from life, for me
If every day were Christmas, the manger-bed
Would be always full of a third of the Godhead

If every day were Christmas, then you and I
Could forever celebrate the day God drew nigh
We'd only have the promise of our little king
No Savior to depend on for everything.

I will miss you, sweet Christmas, but if you honestly must go
I'm grateful that you have Easter arriving safely in tow
The bitterness of the Christmas child's death is so hard to take
But His own sweetness grows sweeter as our redemption, He makes.

Jenn Wallace
2:02 PM

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