Monday, March 8, 2010

Original title :h i n s h n j a h i r n s h! (Beatles)

a wonderful year to start out
had plenty of reason to shout
a time when i could unwind
and now i'm losing my mind

things can go wrong in plenty of ways
somehow it happens mostly in may
the month that should be a celebration:
the breeding ground for my consternation

yet i'll have joy despite the rain
and strength while going insane
i bet things wouldn't bother me nearly as much
if only i could raise my hands and feel your touch

yet, every closed door leads to an open one
new beginnings happen when we think we're done
every frowning face is a prelude to a smile
i know pain must happen every once in a while

so here i sit, and bite my lip, and pray a little prayer
because my God knows no facade, and Someone out there cares.

11:12 PM

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