Monday, March 8, 2010

Itchy Flealas

Monday, January 04, 2010

When I look around all you do is sigh
when I talk to you all you do is lie
I'm tired of living this charade
Plastered on smiles that are swiftly made

there's enough going on right now
you don't need to bring more to it
there's enough that concerns me now
I don't want my thoughts brought into this

you have a way with words, you craft them pleasantly
you spin a pretty self-portrait for all to see
your venom was inherited by you maternally
yet she applauds her own conduct so ignorantly

How convenient, you now interject
even in your absence, I must respect
Your systematic brainwashing, if nothing else
And let's not even mention the double standards dealt

I've got other things on my mind
(forgive me if I'm not so kind)
But your words spring forth like dung on the ground
The putrid stench of them lingers like an elephant's mound

And as for my other worries, they compound my stress
Like a junkyard environment, cluttering my brain
the obsessor, the aggressor, the ignorant mouthpiece-
A mouthpiece so loud, useless just the same

Let's add to the number, what have we to lose?
There are a couple more parasites to my consciousness:
the annoying investigator, the game-changing giant
Who both helped to steal my sought-after rest.

This show of emotion does nothing but tell
the state I'm now in, you all spun it well
But I know that soon, God will restore my peace
And perhaps then, my words will be more at ease.

11:33 PM

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