Monday, March 8, 2010

How it is

Lord, i am nothing
what do you want from me?
Lord, i know nothing
how could you teach me?
For i am ignorant, stubborn
resistant to the goodness that is you.

i haven't a thing to offer you
but pain- my pain and the pain
i'll inflict on you.

covered in this leprosy of humanness
my flesh and limbs fall off-
i see you coming and scream "unclean!"
until my throat is raw and my mouth tastes of blood.

yet you do not back down.
you speed your pace, looking purposefully into my eyes.
you venture toward me and tell me you love me.
your words healed me before
your miracles ever did.

still, you give and i take
i holler, "injustice!"
when you take away what's yours-
all of mine is only on loan- even my life.

i'm an obstinate, naive child,
love me.

2:32 PM

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