Monday, March 8, 2010

Harsh Words and Thoughtless Actions

You pick me up, you take me out
But you never want to hold me
You give me old letters, you bring me dry flowers
What I am to you is no mystery

You treat me lke dirt, give me broken gifts
Don't think I don't know how selfish you are
You keep it all to yourself, 'til it's no good
But you never let me go too far.

You don't appreciate me 'til I'm gone
And when i'm back, it's all the same
You won't admit when you were wrong
And you even forget my name.

You cheat on me and you use me
I never hear you say, "Thank you."
You leave me in the cold all night
To dump me in the morning dew!

You know you need me but you hurt me
Throw me around like I'm nothing
I do my best to please you
But for you, it's always something.

"You stink!" you say! And "You're nasty!"
But I know that it's you, not me
And then you tell me that I'm fat!
Believe me, I've had enough of that!

I've put up with you for far too long
I'm tired of your cigarette ash
Maybe someday you'll open up your eyes
And think twice about how you treat trash!!

9:54 AM

a poem written about and dedicated to abused TRASH CANS everywhere.

had you goin', didn't I? :)

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