Monday, March 8, 2010

For Camron

Awaken my heart,

My love.

--> -->

Bring your kisses as

The morning brings the dew

That falls softly…


--> -->

May I always feel your lips

Pressed against my cheek:

Soft as a rose petal-

And softer yet.

--> -->

Wrap your arms around me,

Let your embrace be my home.

Before you say goodbye,

Hold me tightly.

--> -->

Speak your mind to me,

Share your


With me.

--> -->

Let me gaze

Into your mysterious eyes-

As busy as a forest,

Yet as calm and clear as a brook.

--> -->

Whisper your prayers.

Sing your songs.

Laugh carelessly.

Only let me be


--> -->

Let me be your


--> -->

May I be part of the reason

Behind that smile.

--> -->

May I have a piece

Of every prayer.

Include me in your dreams.

Seek me out.

Search for my love.

--> -->

Until your breath

Flows over me like a warm breeze,

My heart will



And yearn for you.

--> -->

The warm tears

That stream down my face

Can never match

The warmth I feel when I think of you…

Your love…

Your embrace.

--> -->

I grow weary, I become faint

When I think of you.

You make me weak in the knees.

--> -->

You don't just give your love to me,

You immerse me in it.

Freedom abounds.

--> -->

Though thousands of words exist,

None can describe what you mean to me.

Each word gets choked by my tears.

Yet my tears tell it all.

--> -->

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

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