Monday, March 8, 2010

Brutally BLUNT.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

BLUNT. Tired of beating around the bush.
Current mood: disgusted

You annoy me
Don't make me say it again
You perturb me
The irksomeness won't end

You drive me crazy
And no, we're not talkin good
You let me down again
Like I always knew you would

They said, "Give it another chance"
They said, "Just be more understanding"
But I knew you'd only take and take
Your drama's so demanding

So just go away, for all I care
You don't listen to me anyhow
You're so stinkin' frustrating
Why don't you leave now?

I can't wrap my mind around your thoughts
I'm sickened by your actions
You run around like a donkey in heat
Looking for sexual distraction

You prance around like sex is free
Go on and get an STD
You already pay no mind to me
Maybe if you get it, you will see

Life is not a game to play:
Not "Whoever has the most boys, wins"
Your values make me stop and think,
Your morals make me cringe.

And to think, your upbringing was better than this
Your loved one would roll in her grave
Your drugs, your boys, your hatred for God
These all make you who you are today.

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