Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ballad of the Most Intelligent Woman in the World (sarcasm speaking)

you impudent fool- you know nothing and i have won
i have all the skill and know you have none

i'm here to help, but instead i demean
i'm mother superior, yes, i am the queen

no answer is correct unless it matches mine
i'm so sharp-seeing; everyone else is blind

here, take this and that, you lout- you haven't any sense
for i got 4.0s in college-dare not venture hence!

for all i know compared to God is very minuscule
but as far as you know, it is I who rule.

it's not my own children i hold and coddle
it's my precious ego, an untouchable model

so draw back and away, you, with the doctorate degree
you'll never be nearly as learned as me!

9:15 PM

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